Psychologists play an important role in promoting an education that fits students and therefore their role in education contexts is crucial to promote change.



The  role  of  the  SC  Psychology  in  Education  (PiE)  is  to  analyze  and  appraise  the developments in research and professional practice of psychologists  in  educational contexts  across  Europe.  To  that  end,  the  SC  PiE  will: 

  • Disseminate  scientific  knowledge  about  psychology  in  education
  • Exchange  experiences  of  good  practices  of  psychologists  in  education 
  • Promote  inclusiveness  in  education   
  • Promote  and  support  the  best  interests  of  vulnerable  young  people  in  educational systems   
  • Adopt  both  preventative  and  reactive  approaches  in  educational  contexts 
  • Provide  a  platform  for  sharing  best  practice  of  psychologists  in  education  across Europe  and  the  wider  world